Hello there.

I’m Mike Mattner, a native Michigander working as a Senior UI/UX Developer at Aisle Rocket.

I'm @mikemattner on LinkedIn, Twitter, Codepen, & GitHub.

JennAir Workbook home screen
2019 / Vue / PWA / Firebase

Immersive Training

With a highly experienced team, we produced a fully immersive JennAir product training experience using a modern stack. Users access the training on an 11" tablet, can write freeform notes, and retrieve those notes on any device post training.

JennAir Influencer Hub feature page
2018 / Development / Design / CMS

Influencer Hub

The influencer hub is a premium destination for brand and product knowledge. When JennAir rebranded, I was a key team member for the development and design of the overhauled experience.

Whirlpool Intuitive Touch Control intro
2016 / Development / AEM

Experiential Design

Working with a world class UX team, I implemented the design and experience of the interactive touch control piece that featured video, complex animations, and user lead interactions. All as a custom piece in AEM.

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