I’m Mike, a designer & developer from Michigan.

I currently work as a Senior UX/UI Developer at Aisle Rocket. You can find me as @mikemattner on LinkedIn, Twitter, Codepen, & GitHub.

More About Me

Selected Work

A selection of projects I’ve worked on as a designer and developer.

Maytag experience
2020 - Present


Reimagined customer experiences across all product categories

JennAir Workbook home screen

Immersive Training

Vue based custom workbook with device independent note taking

JennAir Influencer Hub feature page

Influencer Hub

Reimagining a premium knowledgbase for appliance professionals

Whirlpool Intuitive Touch Control intro
2016 - Present


Costumer experiences for premium product launches


Writing about my profession, hobbies, and other longer format topics. Typically rambling and a little boring.

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