Portrait shot of Mike.
Photographed while visiting Austin, Texas.

Just The Highlights

I was born and raised in southwest Michigan — a largely rural place with extremely small town vibes. I left shortly after graduating from high school to attend college in Florida, but I was ultimately drawn back to Michigan by the allure of the lakes and the wonderful summer experience. I’ve been here ever since. I am currently residing in a beautiful lakeside community that offers plenty of access to the water and other outdoor spaces.

My journey in web design and development began in 1998, and since then, I have been steadily refining my skill set. Professionally, I got my first gig in 2006. At that time I was largely working on LAMP stack projects while juggling all of the design work. That first gig was more of a digital media specialist role — with about seventy percent of the work being focused on web design and development — that had me producing whatever video, animation work, or print assets were required.

I began to expand my development skill set in 2016, focusing more on front end frameworks and component driven design systems, and less on content management systems.

In my personal time, I enjoy being with my family, reading, staying updated on politics, dabbling in woodworking, working on home projects, and spending time outdoors near lakes and rivers in the summer. I also appreciate a good quality beer.

This Site

mikemattner.com is a Nuxt based website using Nuxt Content to manage markdown content for the blog, hosted at Netlify. I used some combination of Figma and VSCode to design and develop the site, and Affinity Photo 2 to cut up any assets. Type is set in Mona Sans, a variable font, and code is set in JetBrains Mono, my choice of font in my code editor.

Other Iterations

I’ve had something at this domain since 2005, evolving through various iterations of content management systems, initially focusing on being a personal portfolio or blog. Before transitioning to Vue/Nuxt, I had a self-hosted WordPress installation. In the stone age of 2007, I was using a MoveableType implementation, but the initial version was some self-rolled monstrosity with a questionable design (if I could ever dig it up, I would, I swear).

Unfortunately, I really only archived the most recent version of my Nuxt-based site. That was built with Nuxt 2. The rest of these are internet archive representations. You can see some of the evolution of my design style even if it is incomplete.

Unfortunately, they didn't capture everything going back to 2005. Styles weren't saved with the pages until about 2010. Additionally, my versioning of the Nuxt iterations is a little wonky.

A Brief Timeline

  1. 1985

    Born in a small town in Michigan.

  2. 1996

    My dad brings home our first computer, an old computer loaded with all kinds of software and games. I discovered that QBasic was on this computer—also loaded with a bunch of games. I spent the entire summer playing games and learning just what in the hell was going on with this thing. Around this time I started playing around with Geocities. Oh yeah.

  3. 1999

    By this time I started a fan/guild/add-ons website for Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II that I called Yoda's Add-ons. My love for the web was cemented here.

  4. 2003

    I graduated from High School and moved to Florida to study digital media.

  5. 2004

    After four hurricanes and many sleepless nights, I graduated from college in an accelerated program with a degree in digital media in hand.

  6. 2006

    I land my first professional full-time role for a local company that focused on Corvette parts and accessories. While there I used just about every skill I learned in college, including video editing and motion graphics, graphic design, and my primary work of web development.

  7. 2013

    I left that company after six and a half years to join an advertising agency in town. The work there was initially focused on sales education for selling appliances.

  8. 2016

    I get a promotion to lead a team of hybrid designers/developers to work on that sales education material and several studio related web projects—mostly WordPress marketing sites.

  9. 2019

    I switch gears to full time development and get absorbed into the larger agency's development team as the two branches of the agency fully integrate together. My work shifts to working on the client's marketing websites.

  10. 2020

    A global pandemic hits and life gets much weirder. I also start on a team focused on creating Adobe Experience Manager components for the primary client's marketing sites.

  11. 2021

    I leave the agency after eight and a half years to start my current job during that global pandemic. What a weird time, but what a great move. The work is focused on software development as a UI engineer.