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Launching something new, but old.

It's time to soft launch my new personal website–built with Nuxt.

I was tired of writing and building with WordPress for personal projects. Not to mention the fact that my installation was constantly being hacked. Handling the security of WordPress was becoming a chore, and I needed something that would be substantially easier to maintain.

And honestly, it was time to move on from my days of hacking together javascript and jQuery in that context (ever get to the point where you are not sure if something you update will break?).

I think I've achieved that with a more modern stack, and it's one that's quite a bit of fun to work on. I'm looking forward to working on this.

Short list of to-do's

  • Build out a handful of case studies of recent work
  • Write a bit more about the build process, development discoveries
  • Improve the UX of this experience
  • Find better ways to process these markdown files

This is definitely a work in progress sort of situation, but I'm having fun again.